The founder and Managing Director of Noon's Baby is more than just a businesswoman - she is a mother with a heart full of love for her two precious baby girls. Her journey as a mother has been one filled with both joys and challenges, and it is this personal experience that has driven her to create a company that offers not just clothing, but comfort, safety, and style to babies and toddlers.

How it All Began…

As a mother, she knows the deep connection that exists between a parent and child, and the lengths a parent would go to keep their child safe and happy. It is this same passion that she brings to Noon’s Baby, creating a range of products that she would be proud to dress her own babies in. Every stitch, every fabric, every design is infused with the love and care that only a mother can provide. Her dedication to her children has also driven her to understand the needs of modern parents. She knows firsthand the challenges of juggling work and childcare, and she has made it her mission to create products that make life a little bit easier for busy parents. Her clothing is practical, comfortable, and easy to use, while still being beautiful and fashionable. But her impact goes beyond her own family and her customers. As a woman in business, she is a fierce advocate for other women, encouraging them to pursue their own dreams and ambitions. She believes that women have unique skills and perspectives that can drive businesses to success, and she works tirelessly to inspire and empower other women entrepreneurs.

Our Pinky Promise

The founder and Managing Director of Noon’s Baby is truly an inspiration. She embodies the love, dedication, and passion of a mother, while also being a visionary business leader. Her work is not just about clothing, but about creating a better world for babies, parents, and women in business. She is proof that when you follow your heart, you can achieve great things – and that is a message that resonates with anyone who has ever loved a child.