Baby Silicone Shampoo Brush

  • Comfortable Bumps on the Surface: Features the bumps on the surface, which brings you comfortable and deep cleaning and cleans cosmetics, dust, etc.
  • Fine Craftsmanship: The scrubber is manufactured with fine workmanship, which ensures the long service life.
  • Silicone Material: The scrubber is made of excellent silicone material, which is safe for skin.
  • Easy Cleaning and Dry: The scrubber comes with smooth surface, making it easy to clean and dry.
  • Compact and Lightweight Structure: The face scrubber comes with a compact size, making it convenient to hold and use.

Baby Silicone Shampoo Brush

Premium quality: baby brush made of high-quality material, so that children of all ages can “do it to me” during the shower and bath

Best Choice: Soft silicone bristles are designed to prevent scratching your scalp with your nails. Soft and smooth silicone brush that helps remove dirt. It cleans and dries quickly.

Ultimate Use: It is also a multifunctional cleansing brush that can also be used as a body massager and cleansing tool.

Safe Material: Made with 100% durable and flexible silicone. Hypoallergenic and ecological

Designed for baby: Gently massages and cleanses baby, from head to toe. It is a perfect gift for babies or children.


  • 1. PREMIUM QUALITY: Premium material baby brush, suitable for kids of all ages to “do it yourself” in the shower and bath!
  • 2. Food grade silicone: The silicone face wash brush is made of food grade silicone material, which is super soft and does not hurt the skin. It has the advantages of easy cleaning, quick drying, no residue and no deformation.
  • 3.Ultimate Use: It is also a multi-purpose cleaning brush that can also be used as a body massage and cleaning tool. The face brush with suction cup finger handle is easy to use and don’t have to worry about slipping off. Finger grips between fingers make it easy to hold and move around while cleaning your face.
  • 4. Best Choice: Soft silicone bristles are designed to avoid nails scratching the scalp while providing a gentle massage.
  • 5. DESIGNED FOR BABIES – Gently massage and clean baby from head to toe! This is the perfect gift for a baby or child. Mom will love it too.

Product Size: 6.5*5*2.1cm




Baby Silicone Shampoo Brush

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