Bottle Brush – Two-Piece Set

  • Multipurpose- Cleans all kinds of Feeding bottles, Bowls, Sippers, Nipples and Dishes.
  • Combo of both bottle brush and nipple brush for extra hygiene which removes stains and germs from every corner and surface.
  • The materials used in the brush make it safe, durable and non-toxic
  • Combination of sponge and bristle brush head for easy cleaning of bottles
  • Soft nylon bristles which makes it sturdy and long-lasting

Bottle Brush – Two-Piece Set

The product is a standing baby bottle brush available with a suction cup base. It has a Flexible neck that reaches the corners of every bottle shape. Baby bottle brush comes with a textured, easy-grip handle that prevents slipping when wet. It is made of soft nylon bristles that are durable, scratch-free, and reduce splash-backs, which makes it ideal for cleaning most standard glass and plastic baby bottles. It is recommended to replace the brush every 30-45 days for hygiene and affective results. This Baby Bottle Brush keeps your bottle cleaning routine sanitary and your sanity intact, so you only need to worry about the bottle parts, pots and pans you can see, not the dirty stuff you can’t.



Baby Bottle Brush Set

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